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#12267: Upgrade loop objects to provide identical presentational interfaces.
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Comment (by jaredwilli):

 Just wanted to add my two-cents on this cuz it's been a pet-peeve of mine
 ever since the introduction of cpt's + taxonomies (since 3.0). I've been
 wishing the WP_Object were more flexible, abstracted, or just simply not
 so confined by the predefined structure of

 And it I think it would make more sense to me to do $post->title,
 $post->oontent if instead of the_title() etc. (I too $like->thisway(),
 $post->query_var->slug better). since there is already $post->ID, I know
 there's the_ID(), but it seems silly to have procedural functions to do
 such things that would be easier to do as an interface. More widely
 functioning classes, that serve a broader spectrum of things (posts,
 pages, comments, custom post types, taxonomies, hell even custom comment
 types, page types, or areas for widget types with stereo types...) The
 future is not predefined why try to do so in the present. The more control
 and personalization the better since people will always try to make sites
 in new, unexplored ways that haven't been done yet.

 I also agree with what [comment:35 mikeschinkel] pointed out. I get that
 there's WP_Object, but seems idk, ocd maybe? to keep 'WP_Object' and just
 add _Post or _Page to the end. Wouldn't be the first time words in a
 function or class name were reorganized.

 I'd love it if this were implemented into 3.2, or 3.1.1 even? </ramble>

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