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#14644: Administrator should be able to change usernames
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Comment(by johanee):

 I think this functionality would be useful. But not so useful I'll
 implement it myself right now.

 Depending on what you want to accomplish it is also a bit trickier than
 simply changing a value in DB -- if you want to do it right.

 How to handle the interaction username, nicename, displayname should
 really be considered if any change were to be made in core WordPress.

   One problem you could get, if you do this using the db while using
 memcached, is the the old value remains in the store until memory runs

 Surely memcached allows invalidation. And we already have

   ... it also breaks URLs and such, which is why I don't think
 administrators should be able to do it either.

 Administrators have plenty ways already to break URLs. :)

 Furthermore URLs use user "nicename" values which are separate from (but
 constructed based on) username. From a security viewpoint it would
 actually be interesting to be able to set these separately.

 Changing a username will of course make the users current auth cookie

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