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#12935: Evolve the URL routing system
 Reporter:  mikeschinkel  |       Owner:  ryan
     Type:  enhancement   |      Status:  new 
 Priority:  normal        |   Milestone:  3.1 
Component:  Permalinks    |     Version:  3.0 
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Comment(by jacobsantos):

 Replying to [comment:28 mikeschinkel]:
 > I am aware of your advocacy of an MVC approach similar to Django and
 what I assume CakePHP, CodeIgnitor and Rails use but I think that would so
 significantly change that it is not viable, at least not in one
 revolutionary step.  The approach I'm taking it is maintain the concept
 for mapping URLs to query vars and letting query vars drive the loading of

 Not really, the systems like that take a directory controller approach,
 where you have a single class within a directory. I don't believe
 WordPress would ever adopt that system, nor do I fully believe that is the
 best way to do it. Easier yes, but applicable to every system? Probably

 What I envision for WordPress is more like Zend Framework and what I kind
 of assumed you were going to implement. Really, I mean the Routes and URI
 segment code is similar enough that most libraries probably duplicate a
 lot of the same code. Where the differences are in the way the controller
 is loaded and executed.

 I'm thinking it might look similar to:

 wp_register_controller($route, $callback);

 This might look up the route and add the callback or register the route
 with the callback.

 I do think we are looking at two different problems. My problem is that I
 know the controller implementation is difficult and needs a lot of work.
 Your problem is that the routes themselves need a better implementation.
 Our goals are not conflicting. My goals can be accomplished on top of your
 implementation and I believe I will most likely focus on supporting both
 the current system and yours when you develop it.

 > Yes, I agree that specifying the callback as part of the Routes might be
 preferable if we didn't have existing themes and plugins that expect the
 query system to work as is but I think this is the best approach
 considering where we are right now. Of course I'd love to hear from others
 on this issue like Andrew Nacin, scribu, hakre, Johnonolan etc. to see
 their opinion.

 I think many implementations piggy back onto the Routes implementation for
 loading the controller. That doesn't need to be the case in this. They
 could be kept separate and made to just basically the controller checks
 the route and then loads the correct callback. This could be done now, it
 is just easier when the routes is created for that specific purpose
 instead of the way it is now with WordPress routes the main focus and
 extra routes something that is just tacked on as supported, but not quite

 > '''One point of note'''; the innovation over this approach compared to
 the existing rewrite system is that '''it inspects path segments instead
 of full paths'''.

 This will work much like the others, which will lead it towards a
 controller implementation that makes sense to those who work with the

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