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#13579: New Pending Menu Item Behavior
 Reporter:  filosofo      |       Owner:  filosofo
     Type:  defect (bug)  |      Status:  new     
 Priority:  high          |   Milestone:  3.0     
Component:  Menus         |     Version:  3.0     
 Severity:  blocker       |    Keywords:          
 Per a discussion in #wordpress-dev, menu items need to have the following

 '''JavaScript Fully Working Behavior'''

 When a user adds a menu item to a menu, if the menu is not saved then all
 changes are lost on the next page load, including the fact that the
 "draft" menu item is associated with this particular menu.

 (Current behavior keeps the "draft" menu item in a draft state)

 '''JavaScript Not Available Behavior'''

 Submitted request for a new menu item adds it to the current menu as
 "draft," with a visual "pending" text on that menu item and a message in
 the standard top-of-page message area that says something to the effect of
 "You must click save to use menus."

 '''Back-end Functionality'''

  * XHR-submitted menu item creation requests leave menu items orphaned, so
 a new page load does not show any associated "draft" menu items.
  * Non-XHR-submitted menu item creation requests ''do'' associate the
 draft menu item with the menu.
  * Orphaned draft menu items are deleted after 7 days.

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