[wp-trac] [WordPress Trac] #9757: Allow Plugin/Theme updates from a uploaded .zip file.

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Tue May 18 10:12:40 UTC 2010

#9757: Allow Plugin/Theme updates from a uploaded .zip file.
 Reporter:  hakre                   |        Type:  feature request
   Status:  new                     |    Priority:  low            
Milestone:  Future Release          |   Component:  Upgrade/Install
  Version:  2.8                     |    Severity:  normal         
 Keywords:  dev-feedback has-patch  |  

Comment(by scribu):

 Replying to [comment:18 cyberhobo]:
 > The other question I recall having is that I needed data like
 get_plugins() returns, but get_plugins() won't run on the unzipped archive
 in the working directory. I'm not entirely clear why that is, or if it
 would be worth adapting that code to this purpose rather than repeating
 much of it.

 Better to make get_plugins() more general than have duplicate code.

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