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#12734: Nav Menus don't scale for big sites
 Reporter:  ptahdunbar    |       Owner:  ptahdunbar
     Type:  defect (bug)  |      Status:  accepted  
 Priority:  high          |   Milestone:  3.0       
Component:  Menus         |     Version:  3.0       
 Severity:  blocker       |    Keywords:            
Changes (by gazouteast):

 * cc: gazouteast (added)


 Noooo - please no more thick thin or light boxes in admin - just opening
 the insert url box locks me up for almost 10 seconds at times in the
 editor.  I've also had to inset images the hard way - via phpMyAdmin
 direct into the database - at other times because the media box took so
 long to open.

 Make the display system for pages and categories a conditional based on
 existing number of them - they never appear on the same admin page after
 all - if less than 200 pages or categories, load them all at editor load,
 if more than that, then load ALL the top level pages or categories, with
 an ajaxed drop down off each for their next level, then their next level
 and so on.

 With WP 3.0 those really big sites should be departmentalising to sub-
 blogs anyway if their hierarchies are so out of control as this topic
 suggests.  Please don't punish the vast majority of your users with small
 to medium size hierarchies who are seeing no real performance issue with
 them loading in the editor pages.

 For non-hierarchicals like tags - I'd suggest what is needed is a
 "moderator" tool to rationalise the tags -
 examples =
 eBay, ebay, Ebay, EBAY = 4 different spellings for the same tag.
 US, USA, America, United States, etc = another tag that suffers from bloat
 due to variations.

 There should be a semi-automated method to merge such examples into one
 tag .... perhaps an admin page that "lower-case alphanumerically" sorts
 all the tags based on the initial letter, using a tabbed menu, so only one
 tag initial at a time can be loaded?  Admins could then trigger a merge to
 the correct (or most common) usage.  This would drastically reduce tag
 list sizes, and heavily reduce the issue discussed above, especially on
 the biggest sites.


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