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#13230: _check_theme_deprecated_files() wording is incorrect
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 I'd like to open this up for more discussion on what constitutes an
 "incomplete" theme.  My themes don't use a `sidebar.php` file and are by
 no means incomplete.  This message is incorrect and will be confusing to
 my users:

 The current theme is incomplete as it is missing sidebar.php. Please
 update your theme to include these files as you are currently relying on
 deprecated behaviour.

 This is regarding changeset 14369:

 Simply because a file doesn't exist doesn't mean a theme is incomplete nor
 does it mean that a theme is relying on deprecated behavior.  I might be
 able to understand `header.php` and `footer.php` a little more (though
 they aren't required), but `sidebar.php` shouldn't ever be thought of as a
 requirement.  Ever used a single-column theme?

 I either propose removing the message or updating the wording to something
 that is correct.

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