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#12070: Uploading images to wordpress running on IIS 7 Win 2008 results in bad
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 I have a clean install of 2008 server (not r2). I used the web platform
 installer to install wordpress into wwwroot.

 However, when I add an image to a post, attach a PDF, or whatnot, the
 security permissions on the file in the upload directory are very strange.
 They aren't sufficient for iis to read those files (using the default
 application pool).

 Additionally, the permissions on those files are substantially different
 than the permissions those files are supposed to inherit from the parent
 uploads folder. They are missing most of the groups, the IIS_IUSRS group
 gets "special permissions" instead of read or what it was previously set

 I also tried adding NETWORK SERVICE to the upload folder permissions, and
 had it propagate down to the children, and that permission is also
 stripped from uploaded files.

 Also of note, the subfolders for year and month do get the correct

 Files created through plugin downloads or editing through wordpress do not
 have this problem.

 Any attempt in windows to edit the permissions on those files immediately
 update the files with the proper permissions. Also, if I create a file in
 that directory from windows, it obtains the permissions from the parent.

 This is a fairly direct install of the OS, wordpress through the web
 platform installer. I've added some plugins and I'm using the Atahuapla
 theme, but I dont suspect anything I'm doing would be affecting the
 permissions on these files.

 There isn't anything of interest in my php error log after finishing an
 upload and attempting to display it.

 Thanks for the help!

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