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#12022: wp-activate.php - Plugin + Activation bug
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 MU Trac Ticket: http://trac.mu.wordpress.org/ticket/1151

 I've seen a few of the other threads about wp-activate.php not working. I
 want to sorta put more detail. Originally I thought that the wp-
 activate.php page wasn't pulling in the functions.php cause I noticed that
 the page stopped loading at a specific point that required a custom
 function from my functions.php file. But after looking at the half loaded
 page I could see that it was pulling the load file which calls
 functions.php, it however is not pulling any dependencies from installed
 plug-ins, I also checked my php logs and saw that it was trying to pull a
 non-existent class that is available at all other times.

 By default wp-activate.php page includes both the header.php and the
 footer.php. I found that if you have any functions being executed in the
 header that require a plug-in be activate, the page will fail and
 registration will not go through. Resulting in the half loaded page that
 many other people have gotten.

 So as a test, I did:


 function foo () { echo 'bar'; };
 function a() { // load some function that's dependent on a plug-in }

 When I ran all these functions in the header.php the results were this:

    1. foo(); - success
    2. a(); - fail
    3. gravity_form(1); - fail

 gravity_form() is a function available w/ the gravity forms plug-in put
 directly into the header.php, and was not located in my functions.php.

 As a temporary stopgap I had to do:

 if ( basename($_SERVER['PHP_SELF']) != 'wp-activate.php' )

 which keeps the section that had previously had my functions in it from
 loading if it's trying to activate.

 Anyway, I hope this helps someone figure out how to actually fix this

 also posted in the forum: http://mu.wordpress.org/forums/topic/15324

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