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#9674: Better support for custom post types
 Reporter:  wnorris                 |        Owner:  ryan    
     Type:  task (blessed)          |       Status:  reopened
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Comment(by mikeschinkel):

 '''@Denis-de-Bernardy: If, however, the purpose is to allow users to
 search for a $15-25 restaurants in an arbitrary location, even moderate
 amounts of data will reveal that the postmeta table is not appropriate to
 store those details. (Among other things, you'll want the geodata in a
 column of its own right, complete with a GIST index.)'''

 I wasn't sure where you were going with that but now you've elaborated I
 agree completely. We discussed this issue on wp-hackers recently where we
 discussed storing custom fields in a custom table (like Pods and Drupal
 CCK) but how that Matt was completely against such an idea. I proposed
 there being the option for use custom fields for the 80 percentile case
 and a custom table for the 20 percentile case but the discussion died down
 after that.

 Maybe such an approach could make its way into a canonical plugin?

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