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Fri Feb 20 01:31:44 GMT 2009

#4478: Allow login form to be completely taken over
 Reporter:  Viper007Bond     |       Owner:  anonymous                       
     Type:  feature request  |      Status:  new                             
 Priority:  low              |   Milestone:  2.8                             
Component:  Administration   |     Version:  2.7                             
 Severity:  minor            |    Keywords:  login, registration, needs-patch
Changes (by stealthdave):

  * version:  2.5.1 => 2.7


 I know you were looking for a bigger patch, but I've gone the other route
 and created a smaller one instead. :)  This is essentially the same patch,
 but compatible with 2.7.1 (and probably 2.7, but I haven't checked).  This
 really doesn't change much in the wp-login.php file.  The major change is
 to separate the error messaging from the login_header() function and add a
 login_footer() function.  The latter just dumps </body></html> to the
 page.  The patch is about half the size, and the sample login.php file
 remains unchanged.

 When I have time, I may look at doing a "bigger patch" as described above,
 but I would ask that you reconsider accepting the patch as-is.  The
 changes are minimal, existing templates are completely unaffected, and it
 adds a feature that many users have been requesting for some time.  The
 milestone on this has slipped at least 3 times since I submitted this
 patch, and I would *love* to see it included in 2.8, in some form or

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