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#9016: Possibility to disable wp-cron
 Reporter:  erunafailaro     |        Owner:  anonymous
     Type:  feature request  |       Status:  closed   
 Priority:  normal           |    Milestone:  2.7.1    
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 Severity:  normal           |   Resolution:  duplicate
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Changes (by sivel):

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  * resolution:  => duplicate


 duplicate of #9005.

 This is already being worked on for 2.8.

 In the mean time you can drop the following into wp-config.php

 define('DOING_CRON', true);

 Alternatively you can drop the following into your themes functions.php

 remove_action('init', 'wp_cron');

 Then you will either need to get the URL with the query string from your
 access log or determine what the result of wp_hash('187425') is for your

 The resulting url should look something like http://example.org/wp-

 Then you need to schedule cron to curl or wget this url.  Currently the
 call in WordPress uses POST instead of GET.

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