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#6449: Tiny MCE cuts html textarea form tag
 Reporter:  PozHonks                    |        Owner:  anonymous
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Component:  TinyMCE                     |      Version:  2.5      
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Comment (by azaozz):

 Replying to [comment:2 Nazgul]:
 > Since when doesn't WordPress support adding forms to the content?
 > I've had forms in my blog posts and pages, without needing a plugin. And
 the wpautop function for instance has had code to handle form related tags
 for ages.
 > It could be that TinyMCE doesn't support forms (I don't use the RTE),
 but WordPress does.

 Agree, but what happens with the input from these forms?

 TinyMCE can handle the html part for forms with a plugin, it can also
 handle tables, inline css, image uploading and resizing, file manager,
 search and replace, has a context menu, etc. but is not setup this way in
 WordPress. It would make it too complicated for the average user.

 The fact is that a plugin is needed to handle the form data in WordPress
 and generally it's better to create forms with the plugin instead of
 having them hard-coded into the content, as if/when the backend plugin is
 removed, there will be non-working forms in the posts that probably will
 lead to 404s when submitted, etc.

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