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#6425: Support for RTL in fees
 Reporter:  RanYanivHartstein  |       Owner:  anonymous
     Type:  enhancement        |      Status:  new      
 Priority:  normal             |   Milestone:  2.7      
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 Severity:  normal             |    Keywords:           
 In the current state of most Feed readers, the only surefire way to make
 RTL content display properly is to have directionality enforced inside the
 content - that is, either with {{<div dir="rtl">}}} tags inside CDATA or
 with Unicode directionality characters (for e.g., RLE and PDF, or &#8235;
 and &#8236;, or U+202B and U+202C.) for excerpts or titles.

 While we currently have pretty good support for RTL languages, there is no
 support for RTL in feeds - all is left up up to the feed reader.

 I suggest adding a mechanism to automatically insert these tags/characters
 for blogs that have text_direction set to RTL - much in the same way RTL
 css style sheets are loaded for these blogs.

 I have attached a patch that modifies the feed templates to insert these
 tags/characters. Note that there is no checking of blog directionality
 here - this is just an example of how to enforce RTL in feeds, not how to
 enforce it conditionally.

 This relate to a previous ticket I submitted (#5517), regarding adding an
 option to set the feed language - which currently just defaults to EN.
 Certain feed readers know to display RTL text in proper directionality
 according to feed language (for e.g., feeds that have their feed language
 set to HE (Hebrew), will get displayed from Right to Left). While setting
 feed language is not a comprehensive solution, it is a step in the right

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