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#5506: post and comment deletion template tags
 Reporter:  hangy         |        Owner:  anonymous
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Comment (by DD32):

 I dont like the idea of having such a link, Certain browser extensions
 like to follow links to cache the results.

 To delete a post, currently its 3 clicks, Edit => Delete Post => Confirm
 With a link to delete, It'd have to be Delete => Confirm Delete

 Not a huge difference IMO.

 However, I can see the usefulness of this in cases where !WordPress is
 being used in a non-common situation, For example, Maybe on a site that
 uses WordPress Posts as a news function, A link to delete a post might be
 useful in that case.

 I still wouldnt suggest having it in any of the default themes though;
 just available for those who use WordPress in a specific use-case.

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