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#5187: Search Widget Redirect Problem
 Reporter:  lexhair                  |        Owner:  anonymous
     Type:  defect (bug)             |       Status:  new      
 Priority:  low                      |    Milestone:  2.9      
Component:  General                  |      Version:  2.2.3    
 Severity:  minor                    |   Resolution:           
 Keywords:  needs-patch 2nd-opinion  |  
Changes (by mrmist):

  * keywords:  => needs-patch 2nd-opinion


 I'm not convinced that the best thing to do here is to patch the search
 widget.  After all, the issue is that the blog url is not being returned
 with the trailing slash. IMO It'd be better to make bloginfo("url") return
 with a trailing slash - especially so since that's where the browser gets
 redirected to.

 (In general though the situation still applies, though I'm not convinced
 it is the actual cause of the problem, or even that this is a problem, as
 the search form works fine for me regardless..)

 Still current at 2.7

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