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#8589: Bulk Upgrade Plugins
 Reporter:  ydekproductions  |        Owner:  anonymous
     Type:  enhancement      |       Status:  new      
 Priority:  normal           |    Milestone:  2.8      
Component:  General          |      Version:  2.7      
 Severity:  normal           |   Resolution:           
 Keywords:  needs-patch      |  
Comment (by ydekproductions):

 A requirement is not Javascript?  Wow.  I was fooled by all the jQuery
 present!  Drag and drop reordering interface, drop down menus, drop down
 help panel, TinyMCE, blah blah blah.

 You have some real good points about the security and the mess of things.
 I'll brainstorm some ideas for this.  What would be wrong with storing
 their information in a PHP session variable?  Doesn't seem too insecure.

 For the non-JS version, we can just have the bulk upgrade option added via
 Javascript.  So if they're using it, awesome, if not, they'll never know.

 I think it's a pain when we hinder serious enhancements for a majority of
 people because the '''minority''' refuse to use Javascript.

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