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#8588: Corruption of post code after install of 2.7 when editing, possibly when
editing the following calendar day.
 Reporter:  TalkingFish  |       Owner:  anonymous
     Type:  defect       |      Status:  new      
 Priority:  normal       |   Milestone:  2.8      
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 Not a programmer, so bear with me --

 I was cleaning up a post I published about 11:00 AM on 12/11/2008, and
 this was after midnight (so by the blog clock was now 12/12/2008).  I did
 some small edits (I work in HTML mode) and when I updated, I found what
 looked like an iframe window embedded in my post single page, truncating
 the remainder of the post and displaying in it what appeared to be the
 source code for the page.  I reverted to a revision I did before midnight,
 and everything appeared fine.  I tried editing again and this time the
 post code for the page duplicated about two-thirds of the way down the
 page, and displayed as such when saved.  I reverted again, and it appears

 Not being a programmer, I wonder if this is due to editing a post the day
 after it was created.

 The post was created in 2.6.5, and then edited in 2.7.  I did edit prior
 to midnight in 2.7, and I did not notice any issues.

 Website is http://www.danielbrenton.com.  Post in question is

 I could not figure out how to attach a text file of the post HTML code of
 the revision where I first noticed the problem to this ticket.  Whatever
 caused this issue appears to have duplicated the code HTML I wrote several
 times, truncating the code HTML and repeating after this line:

 <p align="center"><strong>&bull;</strong></p> I'm breaking another one of
 my own rules again, but this one's worth it. The unnamed "help meet"
 ("help mate," as in <em>King James Bible</em>-speak) at <em><strong>An
 Help Meet - Articulate. Adamant. Archaic</strong></em> give us <a
 thursday.html&quo<textarea rows='15' cols='40' name='content' tabindex='2'
 id='content'><blockquote><img width="60" height="27" border="0"
 alt="Start:" src="http://www.danielbrenton.com/img/labels/w.jpg" /><font
 style="font-size: 1pt; color: #ffffff">W</font>elcome to <strong>Gratitude
 Watch.</strong> <strong>Gratitude Watch</strong> is an eye on the internet
 for news, articles, videos, and other items, all focusing on the subject
 of gratitude. For more on my intent on these postings, see </strong><a
 href="http://www.danielbrenton.com/index.php?page_id=390">About Gratitude

 I have no idea where the:

 <textarea rows='15' cols='40' name='content' tabindex='2' id='content'>

 part of this came from.  It recurs several times through the body of post
 HTML, and then the post actually finishes the way I wrote it.

 I have not attempted to duplicate the problem, so as farr as this non-
 programmer knows I admit it may be some kind of database corruption issue.

 Any input would be appreciated.

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