[wp-trac] [WordPress Trac] #8580: Automatic plugin ftp value stored improperly if FTP failed. causing function to break for good

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#8580: Automatic plugin ftp value stored improperly if FTP failed. causing
function to break for good
 Reporter:  dwenaus  |       Owner:       
     Type:  defect   |      Status:  new  
 Priority:  normal   |   Milestone:  2.7.1
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 This is a minor bug as it does not affect that many, but an issue

 On my server, a stock CentOS. using Wordpress 2.7 when i go to
 automatically install or upgrade a plugin if i initially enter localhost
 as the server, then everything works fine. however if I enter my actual
 hostname  either http://mydomain.com, or ftp://mydomain.com simply
 mydomain.com then the FTP will not work. I realize that this issue is
 probably server specific.

 The bug arises when I attempt to connect a second time. Then the already
 stored info in wp_option -> ftp_credentials is invalid. somehow the end
 part of the hostname got stored as the port and the hostname is only
 stored as 'http'. and then strange things occur as the stored domain is
 appended to the entered domain. So there is a bug in how the
 ftp_credentials data is stored when a failure occurs.

 here is the value of my ftp_credentials when it has stored the wrong

 once the data is stored improperly the only solution is to delete the
 ftp_credentials option field, as entering it again and again does not work
 as the wrong port is always appended.

 i would also recommend a small help text if there is an error (or even
 before the error) that on some hosts they may need to enter localhost
 instead of their domain name.

 Is the solution to escape the char before serializing. It seems the
 problem might be the : after http:

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