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#8490: Media Library - Attached/Unattached logic is flawed
 Reporter:  hailin   |        Owner:  anonymous
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Comment (by hailin):

 Scanning posts contents to determine "attached/unattached" is going to be
 very expensive, plus it may not always work because the link or shortcode
 inserted may not have definitive correlation to the original media.

 For example:
 when an image (such as flower.jpg) is inserted, the inserted link will
 contain flower.jpg. However, if an video is inserted, it may only contain
 a guid. Currently video does not apply to wporg yet, but it shows the

 An alternative is to use periodic process to scan and produce the mapping
 relationship. But again, it may not be accurate due the above point.

 So I think we should remove the functionality before we figure out a clear
 and fast solution.

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