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#4616: is_email isn't rfc2822 conformant
 Reporter:  hendry     |        Owner:  anonymous
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Comment (by Bobcat):

 Replying to [comment:8 westi]:
 > I think we should concentrate on the more common email address types.

 I guess it depends on how you define "common".  Besides alphanumerics, we
 currently allow - . and _ .  We already have tickets for = and ' .
 Wouldn't it just be easiest to allow all the other special characters ! #
 $ % * / ? | !^ { } ` ~ & + ?

 I can see prohibiting quoted strings in the address.  That allows any
 characters at all, and I can see that as a potential security problem,
 despite assurances to the contrary (so I'm paranoid).

 Regardless, the PEAR class parses out the entire "From:" line, which makes
 life a lot easier even if we don't allow the entire set of addresses.

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