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#5270: Private posts and tagging
 Reporter:  McShelby  |       Owner:  anonymous
     Type:  defect    |      Status:  new      
 Priority:  normal    |   Milestone:  2.3.2    
Component:  Security  |     Version:           
 Severity:  normal    |    Keywords:           
 Not sure if this is a defect or intended behavior:

 1. I create a post that is marked private, and added some tags.
 2.a) When I press "Save", the tags will be ignored for calculating the new
 values in the datebase's wp_term_taxonomy.count field.
 2.b) When I press "Publish", the tags will be counted...

 Regardless whether I finish writing my post with 2.a) or 2.b), the
 visibility of the post to other users is the same. IMHO 2.a) and 2.b)
 should behave in the same way in this case. I guess this was the case with
 all previous releases of WP when there was no tagging.

 In case it is intended to increase tag counts for private posts, the tag
 cloud should take the current user into account. Therefore the tag cloud
 should look differently from user to user if the users have a lot of
 tagged private posts.

 If user information is not taken into account for the tag cloud and a blog
 contains of a lot of private posts (think of a diary), either the tag
 cloud may expose private content or the user should be aware of not to tag
 his private posts.

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