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#5262: Theme editor should allow creation of files.
 Reporter:  youngmicroserf            |        Owner:  anonymous
     Type:  enhancement               |       Status:  new      
 Priority:  normal                    |    Milestone:  2.5      
Component:  Administration            |      Version:  2.3      
 Severity:  minor                     |   Resolution:           
 Keywords:  admin theme theme-editor  |  
Comment (by darkdragon):

 Kidding aside, you are trying to add something that is better left to
 other devices. HTTP uploading is okay, because it solves the difficulty of
 FTP and needing a FTP client.

 Editors are okay for those who can't write HTML proficiently and need to
 resort to such things. However the illustration of the point is that the
 WordPress editor is not as good and never will be as good as Dreamweaver,
 etc. You could argue that we should make it as close, but I don't see
 anyone spending that long of a time doing so.

 Once you open up creating files, you open up the discussion to create a
 file manager and that my friends is something that is better left to
 applications that are built specifically for that purpose and that purpose

 Reproducing such things is nice, but file managers already exist. I don't
 see difficult it is to, I don't know, open up dreamweaver, PDT, whatever,
 and create and edit the files in that fashion.

 The argument would be for something like WordPress.com (and I doubt
 they'll open that without heavy restrictions) where you'll want people to
 create files and manage them. If you were to add them, you'll be
 reinventing a wheel that many other web applications have already

 If your desire is to have fun and play around with such concepts, then by
 all means do not listen to me (I do the same thing by the way for the sake
 of fun). However, advocating something that sucks to make it suck less
 doesn't seem logical if the result is still that the feature sucks.

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