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#5232: Get the current action and current filter name
 Reporter:  tellyworth   |        Owner:  anonymous
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Comment (by darkdragon):

 Agreed, I had to overcome a similar limitation while developing a patch.
 One of the problems perhaps is that every millisecond adds up when you
 need to have calls totaling over 3000 times. I'm unsure what the total is
 WordPress, but in which case the upper limit before things start running
 really slow (1-3 seconds) is around 4000 to 6000 times.

 The problem is that in most cases when you do Object Oriented code, you'll
 want to do the time consuming tests once and before the hook is added.
 That way, you can just focus on calling what you need without doing the
 checks in the call method.

 I've done some prototyping with this (all complete crap). I was thinking
 about it. That the code would be a really good candidate for a PHP
 extension. The code is simple enough, that it wouldn't take more than a
 few days to write, test, and deploy. The only problem is that you'll need
 something that everyone would have and not many would go through the
 effort to install a PECL extension.

 I'm not so much concern with the objects as I am with having to support
 PHP4 with such an object. I'll be unwilling to write OO code that has to
 be compatible with PHP4.

 The patch is beautiful by the way. I really do think it should be

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