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#5196: Support "minor edits" in Atom
 Reporter:  rubys        |        Owner:  anonymous
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 Priority:  normal       |    Milestone:  2.4      
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Comment (by rubys):

 Replying to [comment:6 foolswisdom]:
 > -2
 > Sp/k to Matt about this last week. We both agree that it would by
 interested to understand what infrastructure is needed to accomplish this,
 and to have it possible by the AtomPub protocol.

 AtomPub makes use of the same atom:updated element for this purpose.

 > The negative vote comes to having a field in the WordPress dashboard
 experience. How do you define minor? How does your audience? This seems
 like an experience to evolve on the consumption side based on the
 audiences definition not the publishers.

 The definition of minor can certainly vary by the author, and as already
 indicated, the consumer is always free to treat this as only a hint.  In
 any case, I can replace an entire paragraph, and deem the change minor, or
 change as little as one character and assert that the latter is
 significant.  All that is being asked for here is a checkbox (with
 associated help) and an if check.

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