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#5148: XMLRPC interface should support custom fields
 Reporter:  redsweater  |        Owner:  anonymous
     Type:  defect      |       Status:  new      
 Priority:  normal      |    Milestone:  2.5      
Component:  XML-RPC     |      Version:  2.3      
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Comment (by jcheng):

 (Just to make sure I know what you're talking about... custom fields
 meaning fields that are interpreted by WP plugins?)

 I think it's much more natural to have custom fields be part of
 new/edit/getRecent/getPost but there is the problem that clients generally
 drop fields that they don't understand or don't deal with. The semantics
 would have to be such that the absence of a field in edit means, "Don't
 change the value". (I believe this is the case with dateCreated, for
 example--but not mt_keywords.) And there also then needs to be a distinct
 way to say "delete the value".

 For example, if I were designing mt_keywords today, editPost not having
 mt_keywords would mean don't change the keywords; but mt_keywords with a
 zero-length string as the value, means remove the existing keywords.

 I'm still in favor of these things being part of the post struct instead
 of separate methods, though. Having to publish a post and then modify it
 with separate setters is a disaster. What if password protection was
 implemented as a separate field?

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