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#5143: New option for setting RSS Feed language
 Reporter:  RanYanivHartstein  |       Owner:  anonymous       
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 By default, Wordpress sets RSS feed language to "en", and there is no
 option for changing that setting. However, certain feed readers use that
 setting to decide how to display the feed.

 For example, setting the RSS feed language to "he" (Hebrew, written from
 right to left), causes certain feed readers to display the feed from right
 to left, which is the correct way to display it.

 Setting the language should be considered at worst harmless - feed readers
 that ignore it will keep ignoring it no matter what language is specified.

 I created a patch that adds this option to the "Reading" options page. It
 doesn't change the default automatically according to blog locale, it just
 exposes a UI for changing it manually.

 However, this solution is a bit of a hack - since Wordpress is now locale-
 aware, it should be able to set the proper RSS feed language during
 installation. This could perhaps be set in the localization xx_XX.php

 I tested the patch on the trunk, and I have used it in a Hebrew-localized
 version of WordPress for some time now.

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