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#4340: Hooks to disable various features of admin
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 @cpoteet: No, actually customizing the components, not just the menu. But
 that's a nice plugin I didn't know about!

 @matt & pixline: CSS has definite limitations. It's also not always as
 simple as burying something. Try doing display:none on the floating right
 pieces for example. Or what if I want to deny users from using something
 very specific in the admin interface? With CSS, everything is still
 accessible via viewing source or disabling CSS. What if I want to remove a
 certain js piece? I'm loading some heavy js framework and am feeling the
 bloat. What if I want to push some content between two pieces? One plugin
 author resorted to using js to push the content in. What if load order

 Most of this is possible to some extent, but it gets hackish quickly. I'd
 like my CMS work to be forwards compatible as a plugin and without having
 to modify the core code. One wouldn't expect theme authors to rely
 completely on CSS, so why on the admin side?

 In addition, I think this feature would remain pretty lightweight and I
 can't think of a reason it would impact anything old (Said with great
 humility, correct me if I'm wrong)?

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