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#4275: PHP Exec Widgets repeat in WP 2.2 widget implementation
 Reporter:  technosailor         |        Owner:  anonymous
     Type:  defect               |       Status:  closed   
 Priority:  high                 |    Milestone:  2.2.1    
Component:  Administration       |      Version:  2.2      
 Severity:  normal               |   Resolution:  fixed    
 Keywords:  widgets needs-patch  |  
Comment (by Otto42):

 Your call on whether you want it integrated or not, but let me offer my

 1. I made it as a plugin to solve my migration problems. It made it
 extremely easy to migrate my existing sidebar. However, in the long run, I
 stopped using it as widgets became available to do exactly what I wanted.
 Now, if I had not made the ExecPHP widget first, somebody else would have.
 However, on the whole, I think it's bad as it is very simple to use and
 possibly causes some plugin authors to not bother writing a widget for
 their sidebar plugins.

 2. It's potentially a security risk for multi-user blogs. Maybe. Some
 roles/capabilities need to be examined to be sure. I didn't bother adding
 any extra security layers to it, and don't know if they are needed.

 3. Instead of making a separate widget for it, I suggest adding a checkbox
 to the Text widget config screen that will turn on/off the execution of
 PHP code found in the text box. No need for two widgets where one will do.

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