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#4229: No trailing slash on root dir breaks posts_nav_link
 Reporter:  mediafetish  |       Owner:  anonymous     
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 Severity:  normal       |    Keywords:  posts_nav_link
 I've never submitted a bug so bear with me - I did a search prior to
 submitting and couldn't find this...

 Found this in wpmu but the source came from wp - we had a problem where if
 you visit one of our blogs without the trailing slash -
 (blogs.example.com/subblog) the the paging features of posts_nav_link
 would produce funky links like blogs.example.com/subblog/subblog/page/2/
 (notice the doubled 'subblog')

 Some digging led to:

 In link-template.php find (wpmu 1.2.1 - not sure about other versions or

 $home_root = trailingslashit($home_root);

 and change it to

 $home_root = untrailingslashit($home_root);

 Doing this made it so that this block:

 $home_root = parse_url(get_option('home'));
 $home_root = $home_root['path'];
 $home_root = untrailingslashit($home_root);
 $qstr = preg_replace('|^'. $home_root . '|', '', $qstr);
 $qstr = preg_replace('|^/+|', '', $qstr);

 sets the value of $qstr to the same thing regardless of whether the path
 in the browser ends with a slash or not.
 The old way (with 'trailingslashit') would try to match home_root
 (blogs.example.com/subblog/) against the path in the browser
 (blogs.example.com/subblog) which doesn't match.

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