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#4777: Include Summer of Code's Podcasting Support With WordPress
 Reporter:  cavemonkey50         |        Owner:  anonymous  
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 Priority:  normal               |    Milestone:  2.3 (trunk)
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Comment (by cavemonkey50):

 Replying to [comment:5 seek3r]:
 > Actually podpress does this with the podcast feed.

 Ah, when did that change occur? The version I was testing back in
 April/May did not work for me and all the people I talked to while
 gathering ideas claimed podPress didn't do this. I found that quite odd
 since I would think that would be feature number two to next to iTunes
 support. Glad to hear podPress supports that.

 > This is largely due to the additional blog player features and other
 such features. As the feature set grew, I did have memory issues to
 tackle, but have done so.

 Yeah, I remember you mentioning that at WordCamp. If I recall correctly,
 you said you're going to be working to clean up podPress and make it more
 manageable. That's good to hear and I'm sure will be appreciated.

 I hope my previous statements didn't come as harsh. I believe both
 podPress and my plugin have their uses and can still coexist. For example,
 if you need to do more complex podcasting such as keeping track of
 downloads or offering a paid subscription feed, podPress is the choice.
 But, I also feel there needs to be a simpler solution for those who don't
 want all the extra features.

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