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#4337: Blog by Email: No content is assumed
 Reporter:  jottlieb   |        Owner:  anonymous
     Type:  defect     |       Status:  new      
 Priority:  high       |    Milestone:  2.2.3    
Component:  General    |      Version:  2.2      
 Severity:  major      |   Resolution:           
 Keywords:  has-patch  |  
Comment (by cfactor):

 Sorry for being out of touch.  My mail server this account was sending
 mail to had a catastrophic hardware failure that caused it to go foom, and
 I've been too busy to fix it.  Change the email setting to point to a
 webmail account for now.

 Nazgul: your patch method of handling period is definitely cleaner and
 smarter, but it will add an extra blank line to the body of the message
 where the end of body period was, as that line would become "\r\n" and
 will not break on the empty($line) check.  It probably won't matter to
 most people, but it's also not "proper."

 sfmobius: I'd like to hear more about what happened when you tried either
 of our patches.  When I was first setting up post-by-email, I thought
 about using Postie instead, but decided that I wanted to keep the
 installation simple and didn't want to add extra plugins I won't use.  So
 yes, from what I've heard, Postie works well for a lot of people and is
 certainly more feature-rich.  This fix is for those who want to stick with
 basic WordPress.

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