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#1476: WordPress Update Notification
 Reporter:  mdawaffe                               |        Owner:  pishmishy  
     Type:  enhancement                            |       Status:  assigned   
 Priority:  normal                                 |    Milestone:  2.3 (trunk)
Component:  Administration                         |      Version:  2.1        
 Severity:  normal                                 |   Resolution:             
 Keywords:  update upgrade has-patch dev-feedback  |  
Comment (by westi):

 Replying to [comment:40 matt]:
 > I've got an implementation of this both the client side and server side
 at api.wordpress.org. I've deliberately left out some things from this
 discussion, trying to keep it to the bare minimum required for the initial
 functionality, as simple as possible. The call is versioned so we can
 always add more later.
 > It is also fairly self-contained so could be turned into a plugin for
 older versions, and the web service API returns correct responses for all
 versions of WP.
 > The thing I'm least happy with is how the notification looks. I'm very
 open to some visual suggestions there. Play with your version.php to see
 the different states.

 Cool, this looks good.

 Some comments:

  1. Is it worth documenting the API somewhere (either at api.wordpress.org
 on on the codex)
  1. I think the call to wp_version_check should run on a hook rather than
 at include time - hook it onto "init" is probably best.
  1. I don't think we should do the check at all if the blog is marked as
 private / hidden from Google - this check is effectively announcing it.
  1. I think we should warn the user if the update check fails - i.e if the
 last check time is too old - so that they are not left with the false
 assumption they are up-to-date.

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