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#4710: A small patch to fix future posting
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Comment (by barry):

 I just tested this against trunk and it is also broken.  Seems to work ok
 in 2.2.2.  How to replicate:

 1) Publish a post with a date in the future

 2) Edit that post and change the timestamp to a date further in the future
 and save the post

 If you check the database, you will see that the timestamps have been
 updated correctly in the posts table, but in the options table, the cron
 option contains 2 objects in the array -- one with the old timestamp and
 one with the new one.  When wp-cron runs, it checks that option and sees
 the older timestamp and therefore publishes the post at the incorrect

 What should happen:

 When the timestamp of a future post is changed, the entry in the cron
 option should be replaced, not appended to.

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