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#3217: Accept default Gravatar URL/image in [camptix_attendee] shotcode
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Comment (by BandonRandon):

 Thanks Sanyog for bringing up these questions. I originally started this
 ticket after the suggestion from one of our local organizers and a very
 quick look at the camptix plugin's code.

 >  there will be no limited where we can control image size of it...
 Supposed somebody may also add a heavy image which may take site time to
 load or end used bandwidth
 For this I was thinking that we would use either the build in size (`$s=`)
 and default(`$d=`) parameters of
 Gravatar([https://en.gravatar.com/site/implement/images #]) or passing the
 `$size` parameter to `get_avatar()`
 ([https://developer.wordpress.org/reference/functions/get_avatar/ #])
 which is being used already by the plugin. These methods do a pretty good
 job of optimizing the size to make sure things load as one would expect.

 > if someone is trying to add image which is larger or smaller than
 specified it may also shrink or stretch image
 The methods above will handle the larger/smaller aspect, but you bring up
 a good point about size shrinking/stretching based on proportions.
 Gravatars are set in a `1:1` ration. Gravatar.com will allow users to crop
 their image to the square size.

 Generally speaking, I'm not too worried about that at least in the CampTix
 context as we can suggest that the portions are set to `1:1` and for the
 most part people who are supporting the WordPress community via creating
 WordCamp sites has some experience with WordPress and Gravatar.

 With all that being said, this whole ticket can be re-thought and what
 could be a small change could end up being a re-write/re-thought of how
 the attendees shortcode works in general. For example, right now Gravatars
 are set to `96`
 #]) within the `[camptix_atteendee]` shortcode but even that could be an

 For now, I'm thinking we just do this as simple as possible then expand if
 there's a need for that.

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