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#3201: Improve CampTix 'Notify' function, including adding auto-save and an
Editor-style email composition
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 The existing Notify tool on CampTix (found in Tickets > Tools > Notify) is
 very useful for bulk contacting WordCamp attendees and subsets of
 attendees, but it isn't as user friendly as it could be.

 Because Notify doesn't work as well as it could, organisers often have to
 send very small batches of emails using Gmail, or export attendee
 information into 3rd party apps like MailChimp. Note, organisers can't use
 Gmail for bulk emailing, as this results in Gmail either labelling emails
 as spam, or blocking all emails from a Gmail account for an undefined
 period of time (sometimes days).

 Making the Notify tool more user friendly has the potential to save a huge
 amount of time across all WordCamps, plus remove the risks involved in
 exporting personal attendee data and prevent legitimate WordCamp email
 addresses from getting blacklisted by Gmail.

 So I'd like to suggest the following Notify enhancements:

 1. '''The ability to save and auto-save email drafts'''. Currently your
 email is irretrievable if you leave your draft. For example: if you
 accidentally close a tab or go back, there's no warning that you will lose
 your work, and it won't be auto-saved.
 2. '''An easy to use, Editor-style email composition'''. Currently it
 isn't easy to compose an email without having a strong knowledge of HTML.
 '''Please see the attached screenshot''' of a portion of one email I
 composed for WordCamp Brighton. ''Everything'' needs to be coded in and
 there is no ability to drag and drop images - instead these need to be
 separately uploaded and then added using HTML. Images are vital in
 WordCamp emails as including sponsors in event emails is a criteria of
 most top tier sponsorship packages.
 3. '''Ability to view sent emails'''. Currently, you can see an email has
 bee sent but cannot view the contents of that email or who it was sent to.
 Also, the ability to view and copy previous emails as templates would save
 emails needing to be created from scratch each time.

 There's plenty of potential for further enhancements in future, but as a
 start, these changes would make a huge difference to Notify's usability.

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