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Tue Jun 27 00:28:38 UTC 2017

#2900: incorrect parsing of markdown in @param blocks
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 There is a problem with `phpdoc-parser` incorrectly parsing some markdown
 in DocBlocs.

 For example, see the `$name__like` @param in the hash of `$query` in

 The problem is actually in `vendor/erusev/parsedown/Parsedown.php`, rather
 than in `phpdoc-parser`, itself.

 I just submitted a [[https://github.com/erusev/parsedown/pull/515|Pull
 Request]] against `parsedown` with a fix.  If/when they accept/merge that
 PR, then DevHub should pull it and rebuild everything in the Code

 If they don't accept/merge (or take a long time to do so), then a short
 term workaround is to modify the hash in all DocBlocs that use this
 pattern to be like:

  * ...
  *    @type string $name\__like  Retrieve terms with criteria by which a
 term is LIKE `$name\__like.
  * ...

 i.e., add escapes to all occurrences of `__` **if** when it appears twice
 in the same `@param` when the occurrence is **not** supposed indicate

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