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#2485: All my reviews were deleted
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     Type:  defect   |      Status:  closed
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Changes (by Ipstenu):

 * status:  reopened => closed
 * resolution:   => invalid


 Please don't reopen this.

 You were told why. However since you seem to require further edification,
 I will explain for posterity in public. Please note, we generally DO NOT
 do this, to spare your reputation. We feel everyone deserves a chance to
 learn from their mistakes, and public-shaming never helps this.

 Your post Deceptive Business Practices was removed because while it is a
 valid review, you devolved into attacks on the developer and refused to
 stop when asked.

 As we told you in #2462 (and in that post):

 > your continuing series of messages re “breeaking the end user agreement”
 are not being made public.

 Instead of letting it go, as we recommended, you proceeded to abuse our
 system and users by continuing to protest in the wrong place (the forums).
 You need to discuss this with the company directly, not use us as an
 intermediary. To continue to do so, after being asked to stop, is a
 violation of OUR guidelines.

 Your thread was deleted because you are acting inappropriately in public.

 Your claim that 'a bunch of other threads' were deleted is inaccurate but
 that's due to a lack of information (which isn't your fault). We
 constantly oversee and moderate reviews on plugins and themes, and if the
 reviews are determined to be made in bad faith, such as by sock puppets or
 other automated systems, they are removed. This is a daily process.
 Primarily one and five star reviews are subject to this, as those are what
 are abused the most.

 Please stop it. This is your second trac ticket, which remains the wrong
 venue for discourse. If you continue down this path, we will be forced to
 further restrict your access and we really don't want to. You have a beef
 with a company, take it up with them.

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