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#2796: Plugin Directory Admin: Limit State Switching for Plugin Statuses
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 There are a lot of states for Plugins.

 * new - Pending Initial Review
 * pending - Reviewed and pending dev feedback
 * approved - Plugin is approved but nothing's uploaded yet
 * rejected - Plugin is rejected
 * published - Plugin is live and everyone can use it
 * disabled - Plugin is closed but still pushes updates
 * closed - Plugin has ceased to be

 The flow goes like this:

 * New -> [pending|approved|rejected]
 * Pending -> [approved|rejected]
 * Approved -> Published (automated by committing code)
 * Published -> [disabled|closed]

 This flow should be one-direction. I should be able to go from New to
 Approved and Approved to Published, but I SHOULD NOT be able to go from
 Published to Pending. This is a problem because 'pending' is a default
 WordPress state for a post, and as far as WP cares, Pending is totally
 something you can go from Published back to.

 The only exception to the one-way rule is Published/Disabled/Closed which
 is okay to circle through. But basically if a plugin is approved, NO ONE
 should be able to manually publish it (it must be done via SVN), and
 similarly if a plugin is Published, we should never be able to set it back
 to pending.

 That said it brings up a thought about how to handle rejections.
 Previously it was a one-way street. If we could 'recover' rejections, it
 would save a submission. Not show how I feel about that.... If we did it,
 Rejections should be only movable back to Pending.

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