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#2633: Make full description 'read more' link larger or remove
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Comment (by nico23):

 I coded a userscript that brings back tabs in #2679 it at the same time
 keeps the initial read more crap alive. So you have the "best" of both

 Really most people hate the read more thing. I really like the new look,
 if only header specs

 I would love to see that live on wp.org and see the stats of people who
 would click the buttons (they may be looking more like tabs soon) rather
 then scroll down and click read more. One of the things I do a lot when
 checking out new plugins is actually looking at the code first. I That the
 most annoying thing now. I need to scroll all the way down, then click
 read more because even a tiny tiny section like developers is not expanded
 by default. And its the last one, it makes no fucking sense, it expands
 just another tiny 400px in hight or something. I mean sorry but who made
 this shit?

 '''The initial height of the sections should be made higher right now.
 That would make it at least a bit more tolerable.'''

 Oh great I am so glad I decided to rant about it here, I just got another
 idea for my script I will make that initial height bigger now.

 I think its a bit ridiculous to claim the goal is to reduced readme
 lengths, then make is so super short the petty much nobody can describe a
 plugin in that space, and if you know people need/will click more anyway
 then you won't reduce your readme at all. That makes no sense at all. Also
 if you have a video there you not have any space for text.

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