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Wed Apr 5 19:24:14 UTC 2017

#2686: Plugin search should also take into account the number of ratings
 Reporter:  bfintal           |      Owner:
     Type:  enhancement       |     Status:  new
 Priority:  normal            |  Milestone:  Plugin Directory v3 - Future
Component:  Plugin Directory  |   Keywords:
 The overall rating is used during plugin searches while the number of
 ratings isn't being taken into account.


 Because of this, a plugin that only one or two 5 star ratings would ranker
 higher (assuming all other things are similar) than a plugin that has a
 collective 4.5 stars from 50 ratings.

 I would like to suggest that the number of ratings be used alongside the
 overall rating, where a higher number of ratings would have more impact.

 There should be a threshold though, so as not to always favor the more
 established plugins. Perhaps if 20 ratings have been reached, then the
 number of ratings should no longer have any impact. We can probably safely
 assume that the rating has evened out after 20 ratings. For example, if a
 4.5 star plugin has 200 ratings, then it shouldn't have much of an
 advantage over a 4.4 star plugin that has 20 ratings.

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