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#2669: Global translation for all plugins and themes, 5-8 thousand words
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 > Can you please add close tag instead of closing my ticket so fast, why
 you do this?

 As mentioned above, you want to start a discussion and Trac is a tool to
 track bugs/issues with the current system. As the maintainer of this
 component I took the right to close it accordingly.

 > That page is for people that are interested into translation, but I am
 interested into adding new features for non-translation people that will
 have opportunity to have a plugin or a theme translated easily

 That's still a decision which has to be made by the Polyglots team since
 at the end of the day those are the people who'd have to translate your
 list of translations. Also this site is open to everyone.

 I can ensure you that your idea isn't an easy task because we already
 tried this, see https://github.com/GlotPress/GlotPress-WP/issues/337 for
 background. Re-adding something similar is currently not on the roadmap of
 both teams, GlotPress (including Meta) and Polyglots.

 But, we're looking into adding a proper translation memory system to
 GlotPress and thus translate.w.org which would not just include a limited
 list of words but rather "all" strings with a way to retrieve similar
 segments too.

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