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#2241: GlotPress plugin to enable GTE-only (read-only) variant to run on
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 Due to the fact that we have two variants in Portuguese (Portugal, pt_PT),
 a new orthographic reform variant (AO90), which is not on
 translate.wordpress.org, and the default pre-reform variant (pre-AO90),
 and that we have offline tools to convert pre-AO90 to AO90, we thought of
 a way to still have only one publicly editable branch, the default
 variant, and the new one, that should only be edited by GTE/PTE, that
 would import the converted versions.

 This would make possible to maintain only one branch, and manually update
 the AO90 variant.

 AO90 is only mandatory for official institutions, and is not ratified by
 all other Portuguese speaking countries. Set aside the controversy
 inconstitucional/] [http://ionline.sapo.pt/510067], the Portuguese
 WordPress Community publicly voted [http://wp-portugal.com/2013/05/29
 /wordpress-em-portugues-sem-acordo-ortografico/] to maintain the pre-AO90
 as the default language pack for WordPress pt_PT, so that '''no one is
 forced to use the AO90 version without opting-in.''' But as soon as
 variants became a part of core, we've been struggling with the need to
 have a way to serve both variants, without duplicating the translation

 We've suggested other ways to include variants in the GlotPress workflow
 [https://glotpress.trac.wordpress.org/ticket/432#comment:3], that would be
 useful for other locales also. We've created a plugin
 [https://wordpress.org/plugins/pt-variants/] to enable the AO90 variant in
 core (before variants were in core).

 The optimal solution would be to have some kind of automated process, that
 could tap into the already available tools we use offline to make the
 conversion automatically. We don't have access to the set of rules that
 makes the new orthography from the old one, therefore, we have to rely on
 this offline tools and make it by hand.

 Having a read-only variant would make this possible. We'd maintain the
 default variant and import the converted language files to this second
 variant, that would be read-only or edited only by GTE/PTE.

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