[wp-hackers] Need review and looking for a mentor

Thomas Scholz info at toscho.de
Fri May 31 05:30:12 UTC 2013

Hi Aniket,

> I wasn't selected for GSoC this year but I would still like to work on
> the UUID Abstraction Project. Here's the link to my proposal-
> http://www.google-melange.com/gsoc/proposal/review/google/gsoc2013/aniket/5001
> I am looking for review on my proposal and I would be very happy if
> someone would like to guide me with the project. And it would be great
> if someone could tell me what could have been the reason for my
> proposal not being accepted.

I don’t know why your proposal was rejected or why you didn’t get any  

I like how you believe in your idea, and indeed – the current GUID scheme  
needs some improvements.

You will face some very interesting challenges. Probably most important:

- backwards compatibility
- current misuse of GUIDs as public URLs in some plugins and even in core
- import and export of databases

I don’t have the time for a real mentoring, but if you need someone to  
talk about the project and your ideas or for code reviews, you can contact  
me off list.


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