[wp-hackers] Escaping post meta values

Justas Butkus jbutkus at time.ly
Wed May 22 17:06:14 UTC 2013

Hello, list.

I am just to address part of this question - I think a quick test 
reveals what's going on to developer.

But I have a different question.
Otto suggests, that it is viable to increase the processing by an 
unknown order, just to address the behaviour of a function, that's meant 
to plainly store the data, instead of modifying it.
And Andrew suggests, that PHP serialize is as good as JSON encode, or 
probably better, because it can encode more complex data structures 
(that being PHP objects, to some extent).
I recognize, that this is related to the nature of WordPress - having 
it's consistent behaviour and all.

How do you feel about performance issue of this question?
I am not questioning the fundamental feature of WordPress (namely - 
backwards compatibility), just asking, whereas this could be considered, 
when talking about such functions?


2013.05.22 18:58, Andrew Nacin rašė:
> I'd agree this is a pretty good workaround. PHP can serialize what is
> effectively superset of JSON.

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