[wp-hackers] Two wordpress sites but one wordpress DB

Haluk Karamete halukkaramete at gmail.com
Thu May 16 20:31:33 UTC 2013

I would like to explore the possibilities of a installing a new wordpress
installation which will be tapping into the same database as the first one.

The new site will obviously be identical in terms of content but I may
choose to install different plugins, use different themes on the second

Of course, wp_options table will be my deal breaker here. but I'm sure
there are work arounds this matter.

So I searched the matter and found this post, but before I explore the
suggested route I wanted to check with you guys to see if this is the way
to go or not?

Thank you

Here is the suggestion.


I've done this before, having 6 websites shoot out content from the same

It's easy enough to do. Upload WP into both directories. Make sure they
have the identical wp-config.php file.

In the second sites directory do the following:
In the wp-settings.php file change the options database value to something
like this:

// Table names
$wpdb->posts = $table_prefix . 'posts';
$wpdb->users = $table_prefix . 'users';
$wpdb->categories = $table_prefix . 'categories';
$wpdb->post2cat = $table_prefix . 'post2cat';
$wpdb->comments = $table_prefix . 'comments';
$wpdb->links = $table_prefix . 'links';
$wpdb->linkcategories = $table_prefix . 'linkcategories';
$wpdb->options = 'YOURNEWPREFIX_options';
$wpdb->postmeta = $table_prefix . 'postmeta';
$wpdb->usermeta = $table_prefix . 'usermeta';

$wpdb->prefix = $table_prefix;

See how I've removed $table_prefix . in the options line?
Instead of YOURNEWPREFIX put something like 'site2' or whatever you want.

Then, in PHPmyAdmin duplicate the wp_options table, and rename one of the
them to be YOURNEWPREFIX_options, so if you chose 'site2', it would be

Bingo. Edit the information in the 'site2_options' table to refelct the
correct information for your second site and you will be on your way.

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