[wp-hackers] Quick rewrite question

David Anderson david at wordshell.net
Tue May 14 22:42:25 UTC 2013

Another question about migrating data from one WordPress install into 
another. (Thanks for the previous answers about changing table prefixes).

Other than WordPress itself, plugins, themes, uploads and other things 
in WP_CONTENT_DIR, wp-config.php, and the database, the other major 
place where site configuration can live is in the webserver's configuration.

For the vast majority (but not always) of cases, it's in a .htaccess 
file (or a web.config file on IIS).

Looking into this, it looks rather like, after importing the files + 
database, a simple call to flush_rewrite_rules(true) (found in 
wp-includes/rewrite.php) is both a) harmless in general and b) all that 
needs doing in many (most?) cases - it will write out a working file for 
you, if it judges it needed + possible.

Is that right? Anything else I should think of? I realise that .htaccess 
files can be infinitely and arbitrarily complex, and that there is no 
programmatic way of transferring one from one site to another. My aim is 
1) to do the best job possible for as many users as possible 2) to not 
do anything destructive to any users at all.

Many thanks,

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