[wp-hackers] Custom Taxonomy and "Filter by Term" URL parameters

Manuel Schmalstieg webdev at ms-studio.net
Sat May 11 23:07:30 UTC 2013

So, after getting some feedback on that ticket (thanks, knutsp and
lumpysimon!), I figured out that the issue is due to a script I have
been using in conjunction to the custom taxonomies:


The taxonomy_filter_post_type_request() function is triggering the
error. Too bad, it's really useful to display custom Taxonomies on the
post overview screen.

Actually, it would be pretty elegant if WordPress would display them
by default, or would make them available for selection in the Screen
Options panel.

On Sat, May 11, 2013 at 9:30 PM, Manuel Schmalstieg
<webdev at ms-studio.net> wrote:
> Hi list,
> I just started working on an issue that I encounter each time I use Custom
> Taxonomies.
> If you use Custom Taxonomies, it would be great if you could perform that
> quick test, and tell me if you can replicate the bug, or if I'm
> hallucinating...
> Here are the steps:
> In the admin interface, if we go into Posts > Categories, or Posts > Tags,
> we see a table showing all our Categories/Tags. The right column of that
> table shows the number of Posts for each Category/Tag. That number is
> hyperlinked - when we follow it, we see a listing of all the Posts that have
> that Category/Tag.
> For Categories, the link is built like this:
> wp-admin/edit.php?category_name=my_category_term
> For Tags, it looks like this:
> wp-admin/edit.php?tag=my_tag_term
> Now, let's say you have a Custom Taxonomy, called "foo". Go to the page that
> shows the overview of that taxonomy, which should be
> /edit-tags.php?taxonomy=foo
> Now, the critical part:
> Let's say you have a taxonomy term named "bar". Let's imagine that the term
> has been applied to 3 Posts. If you click that number/link, you will arrive
> at /edit.php?foo=bar
> Expected result:
> You would expect to see a filtered list, showing only the Posts that have
> the "bar" term assigned (in our example, 3 Posts).
> Actual result (at least in my case):
> The ?foo=bar parameter has no visible effect: it doesn't isolate the 3 Posts
> with the "bar" term. I see the complete list of Posts, without any filtering
> - the same as visiting /edit.php
> What works:
> If I manually change the URL parameter to make it look like
> this:wp-admin/edit.php?taxonomy=foo&term=bar then I get the expected result:
> I see the list of 3 Posts.
> I started investigating this and created a patch, but before I continue, I
> want to make sure this *is* a bug, and not some wrong custom taxonomy
> configuration on my side.
> Trac user Knut Sparhell tells me that he cannot replicate the problem.
> If you want to comment on Trac or add improved patches, it's here:
> http://core.trac.wordpress.org/ticket/24317

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