[wp-hackers] Cannot stop comments from being posted

Patty Ayers patty at ayersvirtual.com
Thu May 9 12:28:15 UTC 2013

If this isn't appropriate for this list, I apologize. I am just really
stuck and hoped someone here could help.

Why/how is this possible, and what can I do to resolve it? As of last
night, there were zero comments. This morning, there are 11 new comments.
In the Dashboard settings, comments have been completely disallowed for
several days.

-- For each and every post and page on this site, the checkbox (for the
individual post or page) is UNchecked. I do this by going to the Quick Edit
screen for that page or post - I don't know of any other way to access that

-- In Settings > Discussion,  "Allow people to post comments on new posts"
is UNchecked.

The comments are all on Pages. I've looked at the Quick Edit screen for
several of them, and see with my own two eyes that "Comments allowed" is
(and has been, for at least several days) UNchecked. Yet a comment was left
there in the past few hours.

WordPress is up to date. A lot of plugins, but all up-to-date. The theme
was from a reputable source (I believe) when when we installed it, but it
hasn't been updated in a couple of years. Here's the site:

Any advice would be much appreciated. Thank you in advance.


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