[wp-hackers] Back-End Javascript Error

Jesus Lizama beautifulcrimes at gmail.com
Wed May 1 23:11:59 UTC 2013

Hey guys,

My backend seems a bit screwed up. It was working fine a week and no core
files were modified.

Screenshot: http://jldesignloft.com/img/loading_error.jpg

As you can see from this photo I'm hovering over "Appearance" and no
submenu shows up. That is true for all other menu items with sub menus,
like pages, posts, and settings.

Also I noticed that the WordPress widgets on the dashboard don't ever load.

I thought JS was disabled at first but I visited another WP Backend that I
manage and it worked fine. WP is updated to latest version, and switching
the themes also did not resolve the issue. Any ideas on what could be
causing this?

Thanks in advance,

*Jesus Lizama*
*Designer - Developer*
hello at jldesignloft.com

*Sent from my Commodore 64*

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